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Every purchase earns you money and the buyer saves. Win win!


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Q. How much can I earn?

Each retailer is different, when you share a link from a retailer we partner with we will provide you an estimated % of what you can earn from any resulting transactions. Bear in mind the person you send the link to may buy more or less than you expected which in turn will effect your earnings.

Q. How do I share a link?

Please visit our How It Works page or follow the instructions on our Share page. When you copy and paste a link you want to recommend, or have clicked Share This on one of our product pages we generate a new unique link which will directly attribute any future purchases to your account.

Q. I shared with a friend, and they went on to buy but no commission is showing in my account?

First confirm the retailer is partnered with haveyouseen. You can test this by entering a link from their website into our share page. If the retailer is a partner of ours we will let you know. Transaction confirmations from retailers can take up to two weeks to show in your account. If you know your friend made the purchase please email us with any supporting evidence at, and we will investigate the issue with the partner.

Q. My commission for a product I recommended to a friend is lower than expected.

We provide a percentage guide on the site for what you have the potential to earn. Some retailers only pay commission on the sales price excluding VAT and most don’t pay commission on postage charges so this may affect the commission you earn.

Q. How do I get paid the money I have earned from sharing?

As long as you have over £20 in your account you can request a payment via your account page You can be paid via paypal or directly into your bank account. Once you have requested payment it should reach your account within 10 working days.

Q. My account hasn't been credited with the £5 bonus for sharing via a social network.

Your account will only be credited with £5 when you share an item to either Facebook, Twitter or Google+. If you have done this and you do not see a credit in your account within 5 working days please email us at

Q. I can’t login. I have forgotten my password

To login you will need the email address and password you registered with us. If you have forgotten your password you can request a reminder here

Q. Which social networks do you support?

We currently integrate with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can link your account to these networks via your Account profile page, social networks are a great way of sharing recommendations and the more people you share with the more you will earn.

Q. Do you really want me to spam my friends?

Definitely not! Only share items you think your friends will be interested in and might go on and buy. Tick the box to share earnings and your friends stand to benefit from making a purchase so be sure to tell them when you share

Q. Can you tell me more about the website cookie settings? Website cookies are an essential element, allowing us to provide you with the best possible service.

Site Features - Used to help provide you a consistent service and simple things like keeping you logged into the site for a period of time.

  • Allow you access to your account;
  • Let you pick your default settings;
  • Allow you to share links to social media such as Facebook;
  • Remember your login details should you choose to.

Site Monitoring - Used to help us monitor for activity on the site and to improve our service to you.

  • Share your site activity information anonymously with Google for the purposes of calculating site visitor numbers and unique visitors.

Sale Tracking - Used to record when a sale has been made using one of your links so that we can make sure you get paid for it!

  • Track a sales transaction referred through the system using a unique identifier. We use a number of different providers in order to cover each retailer that we work with; each retailer should provide information on their individual use of cookies for this purpose.